Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cloth Napkins

I have used cloth napkins for almost four years now. I decided one day I wanted to give it a try, and surprisingly, it's been an easy transition. I have bought one roll of paper towels in that time and I still have it up with my Hurricane Kit - unopened!

My favorite cloth napkins have come from the clearance racks at Target, although I have found some sets at Goodwill. Before my son was born, I would iron the napkins once a month or so, but I have found that the good quality napkins don't really need it - and really, life is too short. :) I've just moved the napkins that get all rolled up on the edges to the car wash towel bin, and hit the clearance rack at Target (like I need an excuse to do that!)

I just want to say: these are "everyday" cloth napkins, so there is no worries if they get too stained or if you have spaghetti or ribs one night! I do have a few nice sets of cloth napkins that come out for special occasions, but I don't want to subject them to the everyday wear and tear we can put on them. I still do one load of "kitchen laundry" a week so it hasn't created more work or used more water.

Now to prove I am not totally crazy, and that I realize there are time when you need paper napkins (like picnics, lunches to go, etc) , I keep paper napkins that we get from fast food or takeout and keep them in the bottom of the basket. I used to just toss them, but now I feel like I can use them purposefully and not throw away a bunch of trash!

So that's been one of my eco-friendly things that I do! Hope this inspires more people to seriously rethink their addiction to paper towels!

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