Sunday, January 25, 2009

Menu Plan Monday for Jan 26, 2009

Here is my first attempt at Menu Plan Monday, so here is our menu! We seem to be eating lots of meat this week, which is unusual, but also trying lots of new recipes! I'm on the hunt for recipes for next week for Beginner Tofu eaters, so if you have any, pass them on!

Menu Plan Monday

Monday: Red Beans and Rice (new recipe) Brown Rice, Zucchini

Tuesday: Salmon Patties (new recipe) Oriental Cabbage Salad

Wednesday: Grilled Pork Steaks, Vegall Casserole (new recipe)

Thursday: Homemade Pizza, Salad

Friday: Meatballs, Penne, Spaghetti Sauce, Salad

Lunch: Birthday Party
Dinner: Taco Pie, Refried Beans, Salad

Lunch: Grilled Cheese
Dinner: Parmesan Corn Chowder, Salad

For more Menu Plan Monday ideas, visit Organizing Junkie!


  1. That Oriental Cabbage Salad sounds interesting. Nice menu! Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

  2. Welcome to MPM! Taco Pie sounds delish!

  3. Sorry I'm late getting here but just wanted to say that I'm so happy you've joined us!!