Thursday, February 19, 2009

10 Minutes to a New Kitchen

I have been exploring The Nesting Place site this whole week and finding such great ideas. It has really made me think about updating some home decorating projects that have been hanging on for 3+ years. So when I saw her 10 Minutes to a Room You'll Love, I thought I would share!

I used her Tutorial on Tablespaces to redress a catch-all corner in the kitchen. It is the first wall space you see when you enter the kitchen. Here is the cluttered counter before:

I cringe when I see those cords. Yikes. Actually just cleaning of all that countertop made me feel relaxed. I cleaned off the counter, used my favorite granite wipes, then shopped my house.

Wall hanging that I stole off the opposite wall (I have been feeling like taking it down and finding something new anyway!)
Stack of vintage cookbooks
Orange Jar
Candle Tray
And to make my tablespace functional: my cloth napkin basket

and *voila* it makes it feel like a completely different kitchen.

This is not as polished or "perfect" as I would have liked it, but it still makes me feel great and it was FREE! And look at the uncluttered, clean counter:

The rest of my kitchen needs a makeover, too, but one chunk at a time! Thanks for letting me share!


  1. Very cute Kitchen Space! I love your sign as well!!

    Audrey @ A Gathering Place

  2. That looks so much better! I really dislike loose cords too!

  3. I love to unclutter!! :o) Your counter top looks great and I really like the display of books! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  4. Looks good! I'm with you - I hate seeing cords. Your clutter corner looks pretty tame compared to some at our house.

  5. I like your sign and what a great way to display and use your napkins!

  6. Great job! I need to work on a few corners of my counters to make them nice and pretty too!

  7. What a great little vignette. It looks so refreshing and smart in your kitchen.

    Love it!


  8. Isn't it so nice when you can shop the house and get a totally new look? Yours looks really nice. Good job girl!