Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thift Store Notecards

Every time I hit my favorite local thrift store, I always make sure I hit the card section. I have found the majority of my notecards for around $1-$2 per 12 pack. I like to buy the "sealed in plastic" sets to avoid yellowing envelopes and water marks (from who knows what!) I use these as Birthday cards, (huge savings there) Thank You cards, and Thinking of You cards.

There were 4 sets of the Flip Flop cards that are in the photo above at the store on a trip a few months ago. I bought 48 cards for $4! I even re-packaged up a set with ribbon and sent them as a gift to my notecard-loving friend (sorry to reveal the magic, Emilee!)

If I see cute Christmas cards, I also buy those and save them for the season. I have yet to have a big enough stash to send out our "official" Christmas cards on the cheap, but by using them on gifts and the occasional Christmas card, I have saved lots of money.

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