Thursday, March 19, 2009

Backup Car Bag for Kids

My Mom's Club playgroup met at a playground last week, and I totally forgot to slather my son in sunscreen. Oh, and to top it off, I forgot a hat. And I realized it as I was getting my son out of his car seat and the sun was already beating down on me at 10 am. Yes, I was THAT disorganized mom at the playground. So we left early after an hour. At least my son wasn't old enough to know WHY we were leaving!

So in order to hopefully stop that from happening again, I finally am putting together my "Car Backup Bag." I know what all you moms are thinking..."You don't have a backup bag in the car? Sheesh...get on the boat!" OK so I'm finally figuring out this mothering thing when my son is 1 1/2.

Obviously I still carry items in my gianormous mommy purse for the immediate needs of the day like snacks, sippy cup, one diaper, wipes, Wet Ones, and various toys.

These are the items that I put together in my Backup Bag:

Mini-First aid kid (bandaids, triple antibotic ointment, Q-tips, diaper cream)
Hand Sanitizer
Change of clothes and socks/shoes for son
Wipes (I have an unopened travel wipe package so they won't dry out)
Old towel (primarily for wiping down playground slides)

Everything fit pretty well into a small canvas bag:

I am going to peruse the travel size aisle at the store this week and see if there are any more items to throw in. I love that aisle, so any chance I get to dig through all those bins gets me giddy!

Moms out there - What am I missing? Any ideas for items I need to add?

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  1. hehehe, just wait until you have more kids, I can't decide whether the bag gets bigger or we just give up and it disappears altogether :)