Tuesday, March 31, 2009

An Exceptional Foodie Gift

I am preparing to go on a little trip to see my parents, so the posting might slow for a few days, but I am still alive and kickin, just in the frozen tundra where my fingers will be so cold they might not type!

But here is an exceptional gift that I received yesterday from my college friend Lauren. She got to work with Tyler Florence at a trade show for her job, (I know! how cool!!!) and she surprised me with a great gift: a signed Tyler Florence cookbook! I think if I was given that kind of opportunity, I would be such a stammering mess I would forget my own name, let along remember my friend's name to be signed in a cookbook!

I read through the cookbook last night, and have marked a few recipes to try! There is even a whole chapter for baby food recipes since he has two young kids, like Banana Brown Rice, and Sweet Peas and Green Peas with Mint, and other cute creations that brought me back to my days of food processing for my little one.

So this is a huge THANK YOU to Lauren (and a bit of bragging to all my foodie friends!!)

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  1. Wow, I think I would seriously hyperventilate if someone gave that to me as a gift. I have a weakness for cookbooks. What a lovely and thoughtful gift. Have fun in the kitchen!