Thursday, March 12, 2009

Super Easy Window Upgrade

So we had new windows installed in our house a few weeks ago, and since we had to take all the window treatments down for installation, it was a perfect time for an update and upgrade.

I saw this post at Nester and just fell in love with her attitude about window 'mis'treatments. So here is my kitchen window - it's a pretty empty "before." Yes I didn't clean up before I took this photo, and I wish I shoved the coffee pot back in the cabinet.

So my mother-in-law and I tackled all the valances in my kitchen and dining room. We had a great trip to the fabric store, and although I don't usually like flowers, this fabric seemed graphical and simple enough to work for my style. Plus, it was my favorite fabric in the WHOLE fabric store. I swear I looked at every...single...bolt of fabric. We also picked up some upholstery tacks.

Here are the valances mid-install. This is with a tack in each end. Check out Nester's post to get the best tutorial, because I am horrible at taking photos mid-project!

This was so easy, and I love how it makes the rooms seem taller. I lean towards a tailored look, so I was nervous it would be too "fluffy" but it turned out great! Thanks to Nester for the fabulous inspiration!


  1. i am not usually a flower person either but it looks great and not flowery at all. i am also glad someone else has trouble finding fabric too.
    your mistreatment looks great!!! rock on with your bad self.

  2. It looks good and I love that fabric!

  3. That makes SUCH a huge difference! Good work my dear!