Sunday, April 5, 2009

Walk down food memory lane...

While I was back in my hometown visiting my parents, I had a great time eating lots of food that bring back memories. My mom was nice enough to make whatever I was in the mood for, including my favorite homemade spaghetti with olives (or circles, as my son calls them) and they also took me to places that I wanted to eat at. Here are a few of my favorite things that I can't get in my next of the woods.

Potato Oles at Taco Johns
I have tried recreating them at home, but they just don't taste the same. I've experimented with different seasonings like cumin and seasoned salt, but I still like the real deal best. And don't get me started how their hard shell tacos are so much better than Taco Bell's, it goes into where the cheese layer is applied!

Cheese Balls at any diner
Call them what you will, Wisconsin cheese curds or cheese balls, I just can't get these in Florida. Plus, people have no idea what I'm talking about. "What? Like Mozzarella Sticks? ...but with cheddar? ...and they're balls? ....weird." And don't even say the word "curds" - people get a little freaked about it. So I will always get them as a side dish when I can! In the photo above, I had them with Cheesy Potato Soup, which was excellent, too.

Aren't these mason jars cute? They reminded me a little of Battlestar Galactica, but that just shows how much of a dork I am. I don't even go for the cutesy-country reference, I head straight for the SciFi reference!

Thanks for walking down my food memory lane!

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