Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cookie Secrets..well maybe they're not so secret

I have gotten into a bit of a cookie baking phase, although for many years, I called my kitchen the "Cookie Bermuda Triangle." I could not produce a single batch of cookies that was edible. My mom came down to visit, swore that it must just be me, and produced a horrible batch of cookies herself. I thought it was my destiny to only bake chocolate chip cookie bars and brownies, or only creations in bar form.

Until......I learned a few things.....and tried a few new things. These are my tips that made successful cookies, at least for the cookie-challenged few like myself.

Cookie Secret #1: Real butter
I had been trying to bake cookies made out of weird margarines, trans fat free sticks or margarines made of supposedly things better for you. Oh, did you notice a lot of those margarines say "Not suitable for baking"? I just realized this last year! :) I figure now, if I make cookies, I don't have to tell myself they are better for me. They are cookies...they're not vitamins! Although I do think many bad moods are cured by cookies, but that's for another post!

Cookie Secret #2: Parchment Paper
This is cookie insurance. Nothing sticks to this stuff! Since I had been using the aforementioned weird margarine, I would literally have to chip the cookies off the baking sheet. It didn't matter how good the cookies looked coming out of the oven, if you can't get them off the the baking sheet, who cares? I am starting to add a Slipat Baking Mat to my kitchen wish list so that I don't have to keep throwing all the paper away.

Cookie Secret #3: Cookie scoops
These keep my cookies consistently the same size, which makes sure all the cookies are done baking at the same time. My mom has acquired the old school skill that most experienced cookie bakers have in that they can use two regular teaspoons to create exactly the same size dough balls over and over. But back in the day, I would slop chunks of dough all over my cookie sheet, then one ginormous cookie would still be raw and the other mini-bites were dark brown. These scoops keep me honest.

Honorable Mentions
My cookie cooling racks, throwing the cookie dough into the frig between baking sheet refills (especially down in humid hot FL), and someone to appreciate the glorious cookies and all the work that it entailed. My son first spoke the words "Thank you" after I had given him a yummy Molasses Cookie. That is the best!

Come back tomorrow to see the great cookies I made last night using these tips. The cookies have already been inhaled, but photos last forever!

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  1. Do you have a KitchenAid Mixer? They definitely help to simplify the process. Congrats on cracking the secret cookie code.

  2. what a great kitchen name... the bermuda triangle. but you are right those tips do help as i too have recently discovered. by the way, as for the "healthy cookie" i think oatmeal cookies count, as well as, any cookie you put raisins or cranberries in. now that i think of nuts should count to. protein right? thanks for the tips. i will be scouting out your pics when they are posted. cookies are definitely a life is good thing!!