Thursday, May 14, 2009

No Bake Cookies: Saving my Oatmeal Whoops!

I bought the wrong oatmeal at the store. Big whoops. I bought a HUGE container of Quick Oats instead of our typical Old Fashioned. We eat oatmeal for breakfast almost everyday, and we ate my accidental oatmeal in a pinch, but I just didn't like the texture. So I remembered a cookie recipe my mom used to make with quick oats when I was growing up.

I also got the the opportunity to use a hand-me-down bowl from my Grandma. She downsized last year from a house to an apartment, and my mom snagged this bowl for me when they were divving up the things she didn't need anymore. The bowl was the perfect cookie bowl, heavy enough to stay put, not TOO heavy or large that it's awkward to wash or carry (I have lost a few good bowls due to my butterfingers)

Also above in the photo is the handwritten recipe that my mom gave me over the phone, lucky for you folks I typed it up so you can actually read it! :)

No Bake Cookies
made about 3 dozen cookies

Combine in a large saucepan:
4 tablespoons baking cocoa
2 cups white sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup milk
dash salt

Boil for 1 minute
Take from stove, add:
1/2 cup peanut butter
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups quick oatmeal

Mix well, and drop by spoonful on waxed or parchment paper. Let set 2 hours or so until hard. Can put in the frig to speed up the hardening.

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  1. these are my husband's absolute favorite cookies... he'll break his diet for only these :)

  2. That looks like a great recipe. Do you think less sugar would work as well?

    Carrie Ellis

  3. @ Carrie -
    I thought the same thing when I was making them tonight, but boiling the sugar makes the cookies stay together when they harden. If you would reduce the sugar, I would start with dropping the amount a little and see how they stay together. Good luck!

  4. I have a recipe that my mom handed down to me that is similar to this, but there is no peanut butter in mine but there is coconut. We call them Mud Pies! :)