Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NYC Trip: Chelsea Market

On our trip to NYC, one of the stops I had on our list was a wander through Chelsea Market, the ground flour of the old Nabisco plant. Oh yeah, and it's the first floor of the building that houses a little place called The Food Network. Oh, you've heard of it? It's like walking in mecca for us foodies.

Here is an inside shot of the hallway. The market itself was a little different than I envisioned, whereas there was individual shops OFF the main hallway and not a large room.

Here is a shop with imported food stuffs from Italy - here is all the olive oil and vinegars stacked on the floor:

Cute tomato paste! This shop had imported pastas, fresh pasta, imported cheese, desserts, and ingredients that would become stars in any dish.

Here is another shop of fresh fruits and veggies where everything was displayed so artfully, that I swear I wandered around oogling and giggling to myself. By this time, my husband had left me to wander by myself and was holding down a bench in the hallway.


  1. the Chelsea Market was just a few blocks away from my son's school when we lived in Manhattan...I loved going in there....there is so much YUMMY food...from the fresh baked bread to the hand made milkshakes and ice-cream.....♥ it there! Glad you had a great time!

  2. i LOVE LOVE LOVE chelsea market. My husband works right across the street from there (lucky guy). I could just wander around there for hours..