Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NYC Trip: Crumbs Cupcakes

Ok, last post about our New York City trip. Crumbs is a NYC institution, with tons of locations that we kept walking past day after day. We had to stop and get an afternoon snack! My husband is also a Sirius Howard Stern fan, and they talk about Crumbs alot, and also have a Artie Lange cupcake named for him. So that made the cupcakes cool enough for him to eat! :)

Their display of cupcakes was overwhelming, but I got a Brownie cupcake, and my husband got a Hostess. Sorry for the lack of photos of the baked goods, but I think my husband was about to beat me WITH my camera if I didn't stop arranging the pictures and let him into his cupcake! They are huge!

I love their branding and is the graphic design geek coming out in me:

Here is their menu with my iced tea and my husband's green tea.

Our environment was great for snacking: Here is our view of Bryant Park while we ate and chilled in our sugar coma!

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