Friday, May 8, 2009

Thift Store Makeover - Butterfly Shelf*

Right now my husband and I are meandering around the streets of NYC...and today is our 5 year anniversary! Hope the rest of you are enjoying my home projects!

I found this shelf on a swing through Goodwill. I almost decided against it has butterflies on it. And I am not a butterfly kind of gal. I was 2 aisles away, and went back for it because I knew I could make it into something cool. And mostly because it was this price!

I've been busy re-decorating our bathrooms, and updating some 3+ years decorations on our walls, and thought this was just funky enough to work in our house!

Then here it is all black. There are lots of cracks to get all that paint into! At this point, I'm starting to think this is maybe a little too "dark." So it sat there, black, in my closet for 3 months. I still couldn't decide if I wanted to distress it, or paint colors onto the butterfly, or start over and paint the whole thing white!!! So like most art projects that I'm not sold sat there and sat there.

Finally, I had to get it cleaned out of my closet. It was taking too much room away from my shoes. So, I bit my tongue and hung it up on the wall in our guest bath:

It works, adds some contrast to the room, although I'm still not sold on the items ON the shelf. The painting in the frame is from my Watercolor Class. Yeah, that's the best thing from was a growing experience! So I'm thinking get something silver to put up there, or maybe a new picture!

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