Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boycotting Walmart for June: Update

So it's halfway through the month and just wanted to let everyone know how my Walmart boycott is going.

It has been a bit of a change not running to Walmart 2 or more times a week. I've noticed I'm much more conscious of where I need to buy specific items (grocery vs household) instead of just throwing it on the list.

There was only one instance of maybe blurring the lines of the boycott. Redbox. My husband loves the $1 movies and that you can reserve them online. But he even asked if it was kosher if he rented a Redbox movie. So he did enter the store, but only the front entryway, and he said he avoided looking directly at the so-called "greeter" in essence he really didn't enter the store. I gave it to him because he caved and got me the chick flick I wanted.

I've been buying my groceries (and only a few household items) at Publix. My household list is growing, so I'm planning a Target run this week. Normally I avoid Target, but for completely opposite reasons than Walmart: at Target I have too much fun and spend too much money! I mentally have to remind myself while I'm strolling through wide clean aisles with a shopping cart that doesn't have battery acid stains in it, that I have to stay to my list....but that frame is so darn cute! And *gasp* it's on clearance! For $5! *poof* Budget blown! I think Target has a racket going on about those clearance shelves. There can't be that much cute stuff ALWAYS on clearance. I'm onto them!

So overall I have been pleased with the boycott so far. It hasn't been as much of an inconvenience as I thought, and I'll finish out the remainder of the month and evaluate it from there.

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  1. stay strong you can do it!!! i can have the same problem at target. but i can also have the same problem at walmart. but it goes more like... an as seen on tv whatchamacallit and its only $4.97!! wow i promise i'll use it. but i think it all works out. because at walmart i can never find what i went in there in the first place for. at target i atleast get what i went in there for. and my attitude when i leave is sooo much better. keep up the good work!!