Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lots of furniture "Before's"

I've had a few furniture projects going on right now. Our garage looks like the warehouse to a small furniture factory.

I found this Twin Bed for $40 at an antique store, where it had been marked down from $150. It is Bird's Eye Maple....which after Googling it, I found out the type of wood is supposedly pretty valuable.

I still decided to paint it...I had to re-read a few of Nester's posts for motivation. And the painted progress is lookin' good.

This bookcase (sorry for the started project pict) came from a local high school that they are getting ready to tear down. What I love more than the price (free!) is that it sat in a high school art room for an estimated 20 years. That's some great creative mojo! There are about 4 layers of already drippy paint on it, so whatever mistakes I make just blend in with existing ones.

I am still working on finishing up these projects, (coat after coat of navy paint) so once I get them all moved into the new "Big Boy" room for our son, I will take some photos to share!

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