Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moving the Crock Pot Outside

It's been hot here, but honestly, where in the country hasn't it been hot? I have already cried "uncle" to our 8 month summer here in Florida...I'm over it!

I turned on the crockpot for a Crockpot Roast with Veggies in Foil last week, and a Crockpot Taco Soup this week, but didn't want it heating up the kitchen. I've read a few blog posts that recommend moving the crockpot outside, (like I remember them now!!!) and I decided to give it a try.

It worked great! I walked out to the lanai a few times to check on it, but an added side benefit was that I couldn't smell it cooking, so I wasn't insanely starving for dinner by 4 pm. I will be doing this all summer!

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  1. My parents have a small travel trailer that they stay in when they want to "get away", and my mother frequently uses her crockpot as well as a toaster oven outdoors under the awning to keep from heating up the inside. I've been using my crockpot more lately to avoid having to use the oven, but for some reason haven't thought about using it outdoors at home!

  2. Charlene- I also use my crockpot to avoid using the oven during the summer. What a great idea to use a crockpot while traveling! Never thought about that!