Monday, August 10, 2009

Menu Plan for Monday, August 10

It's been a crazy weekend at our house - my son fell off the 6 foot tall playgroup equipment on Friday and broke his arm. That was honestly the worst thing we've had to deal with in his short life, so it's been a bit emotional on the whole family (OK, maybe mostly me). He is figuring out how to get around with the cast and relearning the ever-important Lego building with one hand!

But the calvary has arrived in that my parents are visiting this week (thank the good Lord for Grandparents) so I have some of my favorite meals planned and lots of space for meals out! Please check out Organizing Junkie for some great Menu Plans!

Monday - BBQ Grilled Chicken Drummies, Blackened Corn Potato Salad, Green Beans

Tuesday - Crockpot Lasagna, Salad

Wednesday - Fatjia Steak & Peppers, Tortillas, Black Beans and all the taco fixin's

Thursday - Out

Friday - My Birthday Celebration! Homemade Chocolate Cake for sure, menu TBD according to my mood!

Have a great week!

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