Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Birthday Cookie

My husband requested a big birthday cookie instead of cake for his birthday celebration this year...but I've never made one before!

I made a half recipe of my favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe, and I probably could have only made 1/4 recipe. You could use your favorite dough recipe, or buy a tube of dough from the grocery store.

This is a basic pizza pan, and then I lined it with parchment paper to be sure it wouldn't stick. To spread it evenly, I used my favorite spatula of all time, my offset spatula. I use it all the time, for everything and it makes me feel like a kitchen goddess.

Here is the dough all spread out, ready to be baked.

Then it baked at 350 degrees (my recipe normally calls for 375 degrees) for around 15 minutes - although I kept a close eye on it towards the end and checked it twice with a toothpick.

The next day, I did a quasi-decoration with white frosting. Oh, my cake decorating skills are so basic...and I honestly don't have the patience to do anything complicated. But it ALL got eaten, and the birthday boy was happy!

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