Monday, September 7, 2009

Christmas Food Gifts: start thinking!

So I have started thinking about Christmas and the food gifts I'd like to give this year. And no, I don't make fruitcake!

I like having the gifts on hand starting right after Thanksgiving, since there are a lot of Christmas events and parties that start pretty early in December, and you never know which acquaintance will surprise you with a gift.

I like to tell myself that homemade food gifts are appreciated:
  • because not a lot of people cook from scratch anymore
  • it's a gift that is consumed and doesn't stick around to clutter up someone else's house
  • its adds to their Christmas celebration alongside their own food creations
But I still struggle with the cost vs effort vs my own feelings of "how can my jam even COMPARE to the expensive/noisy/large toy you just gave my son?" Also my extended family always had Christmas celebrations that were focused on the huge spread of Christmas "goodies" brought, and everyone made their own Chex Mix, why would you give them a gift that they can make themselves.....alas, see my inner demons?

Homemade Food Gifts that I have given in the past:

or jam of any kind!

Frozen Cinnamon Roll "pucks" with instructions for how to prepare
or baked pans of Cinnamon Rolls

Chex Mix - classic but always well received

Fantasy Fudge - surprisingly easy and totally gets that chocolate fix

Buckeyes (ugh - lots of work! but hopefully worth it!)

I'm hoping by thinking about it now, I will be able to start making the gifts right around Thanksgiving. I will probably create 1-2 gifts similar to list above, but I haven't nailed it down yet.

What are some Christmas food gifts that you've given or received?

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  1. In the third grade (a really long time ago) I gave the teachers assistant in my class a box of fancy cheeses and sausages. Thinking back on it now, I'm pretty sure she knew it was something my parents just didn't want, so we re-gifted it.

    BTW: I LOVE homemade gifts!