Friday, November 27, 2009

Recovering Cloth Bar Stools

This is totally unrelated to Thanksgiving, Black Friday or Christmas. I think I need a un-leftover related post. I'm in a bit of a sweet spot where I'm burned out on cooking from Thanksgiving, and haven't gotten into the Christmas joy yet. But, a sushi dinner tonight might get me back into the comfort food and sweets-that-make-my-teeth-hurt cravings. We'll see.

Why we bought cloth covered bar stools when we knew that we would be having kids still befuddles me. But here we are, with a two year old and the most stained and nasty looking bar stools ever. Please do not look too closely at the "Before" photo...

They have survived crayon drawings, spilled milk, dried on play-dough and little-boy-feet dirt, but the multiple cleaning and wear and tear have left them with dirty cleaning rings. I still had fabric leftover from when I made window treatments, and although I'm not a huge matchy-matchy person, I still really like the fabric and wouldn't mind seeing more of it around my kitchen.

I checked the fabric with upholstry cleaner (idea from my genius mother-in-law) by spraying it with the cleaner, then letting it dry to make sure the fabric colors didn't bleed. Because I KNOW I will be cleaning scribbled crayon or spilled food off of the stools. I was good to go!

Here is a simplified recovering tutorial...I cut a piece of fabric larger than the seat and got out my handy-dandy staple gun.

Then I stapled one to each side to create some tension...

then started working my way around the circle, folding over the fabric, but keeping the finished side fold-free.

Then repeat with the other seat...

...and trim off all the excess fabric.

Reattach to bar stool, and voila...brand-new, almost two-year-old proof bar stools!

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