Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saving Money on Kids Clothes

My child wears almost exclusively used clothes. I don't know at what age he will actually start to care about what his clothes are and until then, I'm making the best of it!

I've found a mom whose son is 1 year older than my son, and she lets me know when she is ready to sell off a big chunk of her son's old clothes. I've found that her prices are still much cheaper than consignment stores, where the "brand name" labels can sometimes jack up the price.

Since her son is always a size or two ahead of my son, it keeps the storage of the bigger clothes easy, since I'm not storing a LARGE amount of clothes, and they can be kept in a few drawers of his dresser.

Now our attic, which is filled with all the smaller clothes from infant to 24 months, is another story - that needs some organization. One day!

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