Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Light Box

One of my Blog Goals for 2010 was to create a Light Tent. Now that it's getting dark well before my food is ready for their close up, I wanted to overcome any low light issues that make my photos dark, fuzzy and pretty much worthless.

I followed the instructions at Digital Photography School and went to work. My husband helped with the light, although all I really wanted was a desk lamp, he seemed to think his sodering iron wanted to get in on the action. Sometimes, I just can't deny the man a project. He made the lightbulb contraption, I got busy on the box.

Here's my plug for Kohl's: Thanks for the shipping box! (also, hello cluttered countertop!)

I cut off the top and made squares in the three sides.

A white undershirt got donated from my husband's drawer, and that was cut up to cover two sides and the top. I taped the edges with packaging tape. This is to diffuse the light so you don't get the glare of the lightbulbs on your object.

I taped a white piece of computer paper on the bottom and backdrop, then cut a piece of parchment paper to drape over the seam.

Then attached the light to the top and off I go. It's not totally perfect, but it gives me much better photos when it's 10:00 at night!

I've also found that by using white plates, they blend somewhat into the background.

What I would do differently next time: I would paint the inside of the box white, and I'm still looking for a large piece of paper to drape in the inside.

I keep this somewhat awkward box on top of my frig, and I'll only had to use it a few times, but it has really saved my photos on those dark nights. I'm glad I can mark this off my blog goals!

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