Monday, January 4, 2010

My Blog Goals for 2010

I had started writing my goals for 2010 for all areas of my life, including Career, Family, Financial, and Spiritual. So when I read at Savvy Blogging to share your Blog goals, I firmed these up and decided share them to my readers (at least you'll keep me honest!)

Creatively Domestic Blog Goals for 2010:

To increase pageviews from an average 2,600 a month to 4,100 a month (56% increase) by the end of 2010
Action Plan:
1. Quality posts - no phoning it in! :)
2. Leave 1-2 "quality" comments a day at other blogs
3. Respond to commentors to my site by either returning a blog comment or sending an email
4. Create free pdf downloads (Menu Planner, or Household Tasks) - Have a new pdf download up every 3 months.
5. Hook up to more blog carnivals
6. Submit more links to Tip Junkie and other collection sites
7. Respond to guest post offers

Organization- Spend more time building blog connections during the week, not struggling to throw together posts
Action Plan:
1. Set all posts for the week during the weekend, so I can spend the week commenting and linking up to other sites
2. Hook up to more blog carnivals

Improve quality of posts
Action Plan:
1. Revise recipes found online so it's not such a cut & paste recipe; make recipes "my own"
2. Improve food photography by setting up a light tent

What do you want to see here in 2010?
If anyone has any feedback about these goals or my blog in general, please feel free to leave a comment...I would love to hear anything! Also, are there areas you'd like to see more of or specific things you'd like to know?

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  1. Great goals! Doubling your stats? WOW!

    I always make a recipe my own ;-)

    Thanks for the link to how to make a light tent! I printed that one out; that will have to go on my project list. ;-)

  2. What a great list. I have seen so many people doing this 2010 goal post. Must be something in the air.
    Love the idea of a PDF planner. Sounds great