Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A plan for the Linen Closet

We are debating going back to buying a lot of our household items from the local wholesale club again. Do you know what that means? Lots and lots of toilet paper...and lots of shelf space to store all those wonderful bulk items.

I needed to find some space around the house to stash some of these bulk goods, so I have been slowly working my way through the kitchen, laundry room and linen closet.

This is about the most unflattering closet picture ever...and this is actually the "after" photo.

Here is my plan for the Linen Closet, and I even taped it to the wall (with painter's tape!) in the closet so there is no excuses when it becomes a mess again. I am waiting for our next trip to Ikea to score some plastic bins. I also marked where I could temporarily use some extra storage (under the pillows on top) to store more deals. I hope in 6 months it still looks like the picture!

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