Sunday, March 14, 2010

Organizing a Linen Closet

I finally got around to buying some plastic bins for my Linen Closet Overhaul. I wanted a large bin for my bathroom stockpile, and some to corral the clutter. I have a plunger on the shelf because my son thinks a plunger is about the best toy...ever. He won't leave it alone.

As you can see from these photos, it didn't take too long for the shelves to get cluttered up again. So I finally bought some bins! Hooray!

I split them up into Bathroom Stockpile, Shoe Polish & Laces, and Electrical/Misc (electric blanket, heat pad)

Since we are approaching summer weather in Florida probably in the next month, I need to get going on my sunscreen stash. And I've decided this year I'm investing in new beach/pool towels. The two that we made it through last summer with were "whoops-we-forgot-to-bring-beach-towels-to-Maui" purchases from 5 years ago. They are pretty crappy and thin, so the thought of buying NEW towels has me about in a tissy. I'm so excited!

The labels are pieces of scrapbook paper, and I put them on inside of the bin with a small piece of tape. I'm very pleased with my little project, and hopefully I can keep it this organized!

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