Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Organzing Kitchen Cabinets - Baking Supplies

My baking cabinet needed an overhaul. While it doesn't look too horrible on the surface, but trying to squeeze all the stuff in there was starting to get to me.

I got these containers from my mom in college, meaning I've been using these containers since I moved out on my own, for 10 years....yikes, has it been that long?

The flour container has taken the brunt of the abuse, after I melted the edge on the stove, then dropped the container and cracked the lid. I've been working with it for a few months, but I finally sucked it up and bought some new plastic containers.

So here are the new bins on the top, and all the smaller containers on the bottom eye level. My mom has to use a step stool to get to that top cabinet when she visits, but to me, it's a easy reach.

And yes, I need more sugar. It's at a dangerously low level. I did little labels with scrapbook paper, which aren't totally necessary, but I thought they were cute.

I've really enjoyed my new containers, and I like that the whole wheat flour and flour now are on the same playing field. They are very easy to pull down compared to my old containers, and I like that all the lids close!

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  1. How fun! I love organizing kitchen stuff.
    It looks great!!

  2. That looks great! Funny, because I have the same containers, only my lids are white. Guess I've had mine for a while too! You might want to keep the WW Flour in the fridge though. It can go rancid in the cabinet. :)