Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So I have this painted sign...

...and I don't quite know what to paint *on* it.

I have been wanting to spruce up my laundry room, to make it less of a walk-through and more of an extension of our house. I had been looking for a cute sign to hang up, but when I found this sign at Goodwill, I couldn't pass it up:

Painted SignI don't have a need for a pink sign with "Say Your Prayers" on it, but I choose this sign because it already had the hanging hardware connected to the back, so all I needed to do was smack some paint on it, then throw it up on the wall. (yes, that is my decorating theme - "Throw it Up on the Wall")

Painted Sign
Well, that's the problem. I have it painted red, but I can't decide on the verbiage...should I go obvious with "Laundry" or make it more universal with "Welcome" so I can move it around the house? I'm planning to paint the letters on, then antique it with some glaze.

I seem to get stalled in my crafty projects, just like the Butterfly Shelf. So I'll take any help I can get! Anyone have any ideas for my Laundry Room sign?
  • Laundry
  • Wash n' Fold 25¢
  • Welcome
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    1. how about drop your drawers (insert down arrow)

    2. so I just came across this and had to laugh. on friday i got about 20 pieces of wood out of someones trash to make signs. not sure what kind of signs or what i am going to do with that many, but i just couldn't pass up all that good wood! :)

    3. Cassy - Good luck with your signs! I love finding things for projects that I don't quite know how I'll use it. Yours will be a true "Trash to Treasure!"