Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where to find grocery coupons

Some people have asked me where I find my coupons to do all my shopping.

First of all, I buy two, sometimes three, Sunday newspapers at a time. I check the Coupon Preview to make sure there will be coupons, then I buy according to the amount of good coupons in there.

Second, I sometimes buy an All You magazine. It has a lot of high dollar (and sometime free coupons). It pads my coupon stash and gives me some different coupons than just the Sunday newspaper. This magazine is only sold at Walmart.

Third, you need to keep your eyes open inside the grocery store. There are displays from manufactures, coupon mailers from the store, and all the blinkie and tearpads in the aisles. If I make a run for just one item in the store, I make a point to look and grab any coupons I see...usually if I'm doing my weekly big shopping trip, I'm very focused and don't look around much.

The couponing really pays off: this week at Publix there are some great sales, and combined with my coupons, I saved over $47 dollars this week! My out of pocket expense was only $40. That's totally worth couponing in my book!

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