Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comfort Meatballs in the Crockpot

I made the regular recipe of Pioneer Woman's Comfort Meatballs, but put them in the crockpot. I browned the meatballs on the stove, then put the them in a greased 4 quart slow cooker, covered with the sauce, then cooked for 4 hours on Low.

The verdict?
Although I liked the ease of throwing this all in the crockpot for the afternoon and just walking away, I preferred the taste and texture of the baked meatballs. The sauce got a little overcooked and some meatballs around the edges were a little too burned.

I think a shorter cooking time would have helped, so if I'm in a pinch and need a crockpot recipe one day, I might retry with a shorter time, because I LOVE these meatballs! So I gave it a try, but will be sticking with the original recipe!

I am also sharing this at Crockpot Wednesdays at Dining With Debbie.

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