Monday, May 3, 2010

Printed Vellum & Scrapbook Paper Wall Art

I was inspired by A Soft Place to Land's Botanical Prints to add a little jazz to my laundry room.
I wish I had a photo of the art that was originally in this frame - I'm sure most of you had seen it or owned it from Target. I liked the shape of the frame, so removing the old art wasn't heartbreaking.

I googled "family quotes" and sifted through some random phrases until I found one that is optimistic but not cheesy. Surprisingly, that was the hardest part - I'm very picky about words adorning my house. I have to LOVE the phrase, really like the meaning behind it, and the typography can't be spaced incorrectly (graphic designer coming out!)

I designed it in Adobe Illustrator (I am a graphic designer, after all) with two different fonts, then printed it out on some vellum. The square that is printed on the vellum is 6 inches square, the exact size of the opening in the frame. Next time I should give myself a little wiggle room by added 1/4 inch to each side.

Then I layered the vellum over the scrapbook paper, popped the whole thing into the frame, and Viola!

I love this up in my laundry room, right by the door out to the garage. The frame adds a real classed-up nature to my almost always cluttered, utilitarian space. Once I actually got my butt moving, the project took max of 15 minutes. Within that, I didn't include my random web searching for the perfect quote - that was a lot of time wasted!

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