Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shopping Locally: I got my beef!

We just purchased an 1/8 cow from a great local farm, The Dam Ranch, that raises hormone free and natural cows, pigs, chickens and eggs. We placed our order over a month ago, so when they sent us an email letting me know it was ready to be picked up, I tried to re-arrange our whole weekend so we could run out and pick it up. When we picked up the beef, I also picked up my order for 4 chickens, and 2 dozen cage free eggs.

As for the beef, we received 61 pounds of beef, with the cuts ranging from hamburger, T-bones, Delmonico, Chuck Roast, London Broil, and the ever popular Liver....hmmm I'm waiting for my dad to visit to give that one a try. And by that, I mean, my mother needs to come to make it, my dad is the only one that eats it! My husband and I said we would be open-minded about it. There are a great variety of cuts, most that I've never picked up in the store, so we will be trying lots of new things.

We are so excited to have our freezer stocked with meat, to support a great local farm, to be able to eat with our conscience. We are still planning to follow our "red meat once a week" plan, so this should hopefully last us approximately a year.

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  1. How fun!!
    We used to raise herford steers and I LOVED the days when we would go pick up our meat!!
    Fresh beef is NOTHING like that in the store. Enjoy the bounty!!