Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Freeze Corn

It's Sweet Corn season here in Florida, and I got a hands-on tutorial from my mother-in-law. It wasa great blast from the past, since my mom used to do this every now and then.

I remember being around 6 years old, and our neighbor having a sort-of "corn party". A big group of neighbors chipped in on a large amount of corn from a local farm, which came delivered in a pick-up truck with the whole bed stuffed full of corn. Then, they backed the truck up to our neighbor's garage, and everyone went crazy shucking corn. By the end of the day, each neighbor walked away with bags and bags of shucked corn, after helping that neighbor get all those cornsilks out of her garage! My mom would boil the ears and freeze the corn for the rest of year.

I picked up over 20 ears of corn from the store, and my son and I shucked them all outside on the back patio. My son did about 2, I muscled through the rest.

Back inside, I set my largest pot to go with boiling water. This photo shows the pot really full with water - it's a little easier to have it about half-ful of water. Blanch the corn for about 5 minutes.

Cut the corn off the cob once the corn has been cooled so that the ears are cool to the touch. My mother--in-law cuts it off by hand on a cutting board...

I cranked up my electric knife, and cut it off into a large bowl. I put an upside down cup in the bottom of the bowl to rest the corn cob so the corn can fall off.

Let the corn cool, then bag it into 16 oz  portions. I use my food scale.

I had about 20 ears of corn, and got about 4 - 16 oz bags. I spilt up one of the 16 oz bags into 8 oz for small recipes. I am excited to have local, seasonal corn in my freezer waiting for me!

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  1. Great tutorial! Sounds like a lot of fun. I'm hoping to do something similar with our little vegetable garden.