Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mineral Oil on Kitchen Wood Items

One little kitchen tip I have used often is to rub mineral oil into all my wood pieces. It really makes my cutting boards and wood spoons pop back to life.

From the nice people at Wikipedia...
"[Mineral oil] will prevent absorption of food odors and ease cleaning, as well as maintain the integrity of the wood, which is otherwise subjected to repeated wetting and drying in the course of use. The oil fills small surface cracks that may otherwise harbor bacteria."

I even goobed up some of the handles of a few spatulas that I have totally been mistreating since college. I even feel like I've brought my smaller cutting board back to life after being ran through the dishwasher a few too many times in college, also. What can I say, I didn't take care of my kitchen items those days. But, I'm surprised they are still functional and holding court in my kitchen.

I bought a tiny bottle of mineral oil from Bed Bath & Beyond once, but the most reasonable place I've found mineral oil is at Ikea.

Also as a total side note, I used mineral oil a few weeks ago to get off some sticker residue on a glass pitcher I bought from Goodwill. It worked better than a Magic Eraser, alcohol and regular strength elbow grease. What a great find!

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