Monday, September 20, 2010

"Recycled" Pickles

I love pickles. One of my stops when I frequent the local Farmer's Market is "The Pickle Man." I buy a 50 cent HUGE kosher dill pickle and persue the fruit and veggie offerings. After my pickle is finally inhaled, I venture back and get all the good deals I saw from comparing all the prices.

My son has also acquired the pickle gene, (he has been known to balance The Pickle Man's pickles with alternating bites of fresh sugared doughnuts from another vendor) so we burn through a lot of pickles in our house. I was contemplating canning my own pickles this spring, but I missed the pickling cucumber season from my Produce Club. Maybe next year....or not. :)

This recipe name is misleading, but I didn't really know how to properly describe this process of making pickles with leftover pickle juice. I found the idea at The Happy Housewife.

"Recycled" Pickles
Leftover pickle juice from jar of pickles
Cucumbers, sliced, enough to fill the jar.

Slice cucumbers and put them in the pickle juice. Refrigerate for one to two weeks, until the cucumbers are pickled to your desire. (Mine took at least two weeks to be pass the test of the rest of the family)

The verdict?
This was so shockingly easy, and it was a fun way to stretch one jar of pickles into two! By the time the two weeks had passed, there weren't too many pickles left in the jar - I have been "testing" a few everyday to find the perfect brewing time. My husband was pretty surprised that this worked, and the final product was really good.

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