Friday, September 3, 2010

Sharon's Spaghetti Sauce

This is the spaghetti recipe my mom (Sharon to all you fine folks) made while I was growing up. I always loved it, and asked for it for many Birthday dinners. She made it with her own jarred tomatoes from her summer garden and then set it to sit at Warm in the crockpot for the day so it was ready when she got home from work.

After I moved onto college and then out on my own, I got interested trying new spaghetti sauce recipes, and tortured my husband through many "simple" Rachael Ray sauce recipes. He would always eat it, but was never super excited when I said that's what I was making for dinner.

Finally, I gave up trying new recipes and pulled out my mom's tried and true recipe. At dinner, my husband exclaimed..."Now THIS is what I call spaghetti!" and "this" has been it from then on.

I leave out the canned mushrooms and olives for my husband's preferences, but it's not my mom's spaghetti without a generous topping of the grated Parmesan cheese from the green can, but you can class it up with the "real" cheese - I won't mind.

I'm sharing this recipe at The Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap and Eat at Home's Ingredient Spotlight.

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