Monday, October 11, 2010

Buying Bread at the Discount Bakery

As a I mentioned in my last menu plan, I've been trying a different style to my menu planning and grocery shopping: buying large amounts of what is a deal, and eating what we have on hand.

Last week, I went to my local Discount Bakery and bought a month's worth of bread. I bought:
4 loaves sandwich bread
1 loaf Texas Toast (for French Toast - my husband's favorite which he's been asking for!)
2 packages whole wheat hamburger buns
1 package whole wheat English Muffins (for English Muffin Egg Strata & Ham & Cheese Toasters)
1 bag tortilla chips (For football watching on the weekend - will make into Super Nachos for lunch)

Each bread item was 99¢, and this store has a 20% discount on Wednesdays, so that's about 80¢ a loaf. The chips were $1.12 after the discount, so still a good deal.

As you can see, I try to menu plan for the items to make main dishes, not just for eating with breakfast, so hopefully that stretches the food budget, too.

Since this is a discount bakery, you do have to watch the dates on the bread if you are planning to use it soon. The sandwich bread all had 4 days to their "Best by" date, and the rest were within a day or two of their date. The chips had until December! Because I was freezing all the bread, I wasn't too concerned about the dates.

This store is the outlet for the bakery that is right next door, so there is a wide range of brands and types of bread (they even had sandwich thins!). They also had a big selection of individually wrapped cakes like cupcakes, muffins, and danishes.

If this works out well for my family, I think I'll try coming back and buying 2-3 months worth. (Stockpiling for when the baby comes!)

Do any of you have discount bakeries where you live? What are good deals you can get there?

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