Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Planning for our Thanksgiving

I have started the plotting, planning and thinking about what we are going to eat for Thanksgiving. It will be a pretty simple holiday for our family this year, because we are using the four day Thanksgiving holiday to start getting ready for the baby's arrival in January by setting up the baby's room, freezing meals, (I'm setting aside a whole day to do this!) decorating for Christmas and getting prepped for family arriving the week after. Phew! Makes me tired already!

So because I will be having a freezer meal cooking day only a few days after one of the biggest cooking days of the year, I'm hoping to make some Thanksgiving eats ahead (like the pie or dessert) and keep it simple the day of.

I'm on the hunt to tweak some of our traditional recipes, but keep it simple.

Turkey Breast or whole Turkey if I'm in the mood to wrestle a whole one
Stuffing (this is my Grandma's traditional recipe)
Green Bean Casserole (with homemade cream of mushroom soup)
Turkey Gravy 
Another veggie?
Pie of somesort (I'm thinking about attempting Chocolate Pecan.
Anyone have a good recipe?)

Other Thanksgiving recipes from Creatively Domestic:
 French Fried Onions (my forgot-em-at-the-store moment last year)

Creatively Domestic

Simple Cooking | Easy Cooking

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