Monday, November 22, 2010

Baked Chicken Thighs on Rice

So I bought a large amount of marked down meat like Chicken Wings, Chicken Thighs, and Chicken Drumsticks a few months ago, and I'm starting to work our way through it. We've eaten one pack of chicken wings, and this week I decided to find a new recipe for Chicken Thighs.

I was drawn to this recipe because it seemed like an almost one-dish meal: throw it all in the oven and come back in an hour!

Baked Chicken Thighs on Rice
adapted from

1 tablespoons olive oil
1 cup diced onion
1 garlic clove, minced
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1/2 teaspoon (leave out if using canned stock)
1 cup white rice
2 cups chicken stock (I used homemade)
6 chicken thighs, skinned if desired
Salt and pepper (or Mrs. Dash)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat a 9 x 13 inch pan with cooking spray. Heat oil in a pan, saute the onion and garlic until softened. Add thyme, salt, and rice. Stir to combine and coat the rice. Add the chicken stock, then turn off heat. Pour into the 9 x 13 pan, and spread out the rice. Add the chicken to the dish, placing them evenly on the pan. Season the chicken with Mrs. Dash (or salt and pepper). Cover the pan with foil. Bake for 30 mins.

Remove from oven, and stir as best you can around the chicken. (I was too lazy to remove the chicken to stir the rice and it turned out fine) Recover with foil and return to the oven for 20 mins or until chicken is thoroughly cooked. If there is still too much liquid in rice, remove foil for the last 5 to 10 minutes.

The verdict?
This reminded me most of my Grandma's Chicken with Wild Rice dish that has a cut-up bone-in chicken, wild and white rice, and three (count 'em! Three!) cans of condensed cream of soup. Obviously, this one didn't have any condensed soup, but it had a similar style and texture to her casserole, so it made me happy to get an "almost-like" dish to rival that.

I used bone-in chicken thighs, as that's what I had, and my husband repeatably pointed out - he didn't like eating it off the bone, he would have preferred boneless. I agreed, but thanked him for being flexible. (See? He is a good sport!) Next time I would remove the skin off the chicken, as the rice was a little too greasy, although it had good flavor.

Next time I try this (which I will because it's very easy to throw in the oven) the addition of frozen peas, or another vegetable would make this a true one-dish meal.

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