Monday, January 10, 2011

Eatin' from the Pantry Challenge: Week 1 Update

This is the first week of the Eatin' from the Pantry Challenge, and while I had a basic menu plan for the month, this is what we actually ate. I seem to do better with eating from the pantry by rolling with what I'm in the mood for, rather than sticking strictly to a day-by-day menu plan. I write a long list of meals that I have ingredients for, then pick off the list according to what works for us that night.

This week was the first week my baby was home from the hospital, so we cracked into our freezer meal stash, ordered some "comfort food" pizza and were blessed with a meal from a friend. 

Sat Jan 1: Black Eyed Pea Soup with Ham

Sun Jan 2: Takeout Pizza

Mon Jan 3: Freezer Meal:  
                   Garlic Dijon ChickenOven Fried Potato Wedges, Sugar snap peas

Tues Jan 4: Meal from a friend:
                   Rotisserie Turkey Breast, Green Beans, Wild Rice, Cookies

Wed Jan 5: Turkey & Mushroom Chowder (using up leftovers from night before)

Thurs Jan 6: Freezer Meal: Sweet & Sour Chicken  White Rice

Fri Jan 7: Takeout Pizza (a reward after a long first week with baby!)

So how did I do at the store? If you remember from the original challenge, I wanted to spend only $25 (or less) on groceries. I ended up spending $25.76 this week! So I was 76 cents over budget, but I will cover for that next week. So close!!

I spent about $7 getting the deals of the week, (oatmeal, peanut butter, egg beaters, coffee creamer) then the remainder went to getting items off my list.

I had totally forgotten what it's like to be on a super tight grocery budget. It was frustrating to decide what I felt I was running lower on: milk or eggs. Or totally irritated that I had to buy vacuum bags because it took money away from buying fruit.

Two things that didn't get a second look as they were getting thrown in the cart: Coffee and coffee creamer! I do have a newborn in the house!

So far, this week was a success on the pantry challenge, mostly because we had three "free" meals from our takeout envelope and a gift from a friend. I'm planning on next week to get more into my freezer, so it should be a good week! 

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