Monday, January 17, 2011

Eatin' from the Pantry Challenge: Week 2 Update

After last week, I planned to use up items in my freezer, so this week on the Eatin' from the Pantry Challenge we ate:

Spaghetti with Ground Beef, Green Beans 
Used up spaghetti sauce and pasta from pantry, leftover green beans

Ham & Cheese Toasters, Salad 
Diced ham and whole wheat english muffins from freezer

Whole Chicken in the Crockpot, Freezer Mashed Potatoes, Broccoli
Everything was from the freezer, and I used the leftover chicken "bits" to make Homemade Chicken Stock to stash in the freezer

Homemade Pizza
Pizza dough & mozzarella cheese from freezer

Lemon Pepper Drumsticks, Curried Hash Browns, Baked Beans
Drumsticks from freezer (the last ones! Hooray!), the potato for the hash browns was slowly wilting on the counter, and I finally got rid of that can of beans from the pantry!

Saturday night: PB&J for the kiddo, Takeout after bedtime for the grownups! (From our "Dining Out envelope")

Desserts made this week:
Fudgey Chocolate Cookie Bars (recipe coming soon!)
Banana Bread
Double Chocolate Cookies

My goal from the original challenge was to spend $25 or less a week on groceries, so this week I hit that goal by spending $19.08. I was even able to buy some convenience foods for lunches, as I have been struggling eating leftovers everyday.

Week Two overall was a lot of easier than the first week. Picking items to eat went smoothly, grocery shopping was not as painful as Week One, and overall I'm settling into a groove. Hoping next week it continues!

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