Monday, January 3, 2011

Eatin' from the Pantry for January

Come along with me as I have a "Eatin' from the Pantry" Challenge for January!

I was originally inspired by the Eat from the Pantry Challenge last January from Money Saving Momma, but didn't feel prepared enough to join in. This year, however, is a whole new ballgame, and I am very excited to eat our way through the reserves!

My rules:
Eat from what we have on hand from the pantry, refrigerator and freezers.

Reduce grocery budget to $25/week (or less if I can squeak it!)

Still buy milk, eggs, & produce on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

There are few reasons for this personal challenge: 
1. The newest member of our family was born Dec 30th, so all my prepared freezer meals are set aside to be used during January anyway.

2. My husband's company is switching from weekly paychecks to bi-weekly paychecks, so this will be a bit of trial and error to get this new situation more comfortable. By purposefully keeping the expenses low, I'll be able to figure out what works best for me.

3.  I have been stockpiling all the great deals from the stores from before Thanksgiving and through the Christmas season. My freezers and refrigerators are packed tight, my pantry is stuffed and has started to take over part of the laundry room.

I have chocolate chips, bags of flour, and butter up the wahoo, and my 1/8th of a cow purchase of grass-fed beef is down to only a few cuts of meat, so it would be great to make some room for another purchase of that size. I also just went to the discount bakery, so we are set with bread items for at least a month. My pantry is holding massive amounts of canned diced tomatoes and boxed pasta!

Resetting the "normal"
We are anticipating the grocery budget amount that we had been setting aside this year might need to be tweaked once life settles down (HA!) and the new baby expenses are added into the Grocery/Household budget. I'm anticipating the amount with be a little more starting in February, so I'm not too concerned with rebuilding my "stash".

I know this will be a challenge in the baby-fog first few weeks to still hold to the rules, as there are some "emergency" purchases that seem totally justified when the family is adjusting to a new little person in the house. I vividly remember buying a large amounts of red grapes and lunch meat (especially bologna!) when my first son was born because those were the only things that sounded good for lunch those first few weeks. It seems weird to me now how astonishing good those things tasted at the time! I do have $25 a week for groceries to get some of those items.

So come along with me as I try "Eatin' from the Pantry!" I'm looking forward to cleaning out some food and saving my family money!

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