Monday, June 6, 2011

Freezing Leftover Pizza Slices

Ok, I'm letting you into the depths of my frugal brain today. I've debating posting this frugal tip because it makes me feel soooooo... cheap. There I said it. Not frugal, not thrifty, just plain cheap. And everyone has their own line of frugality: when you cross it, you feel like the cheap aunt or other crazy family member that ties pieces of yarn together and saves them "just in case".

So my husband came home with two boxes of leftover pizza from work. Someone over-ordered for a lunch meeting, and instead of letting it go to waste, my husband and few others rescued the completely untouched pizzas. We ended up having one of the pies for dinner that night, but the other perfectly good pizza was still sitting there.

I decided to wrap up the individual pieces and freeze them. Then the next week, when I was wondering what to make for lunch, I remembered those pizza slices. I threw two in the toaster oven, and they re-heated so well that I was mentally high-fiveing myself.

Now I've done this a few more times, and it works great to have the option to pull out as many pieces as we need, either for a quick lunch or dinner or a late night snack (What can I say, my husband loves pizza!)

I have been also known to take advantage of those crazy ridiculous promotions going on at our favorite pizza joint (2 pizzas for $5 each!), and we buy a little more pizza than we can eat for one meal, then I freeze the individual pieces for lunches.

So you make the call: frugal or cheap? Anyone else do this?

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