Monday, August 22, 2011

What to do with 5 pounds of carrots?

I bought a 5 pound bag of carrots at Sams last week. It seemed like a good idea at the store, and it was priced right, until I got that ginormous bag on my kitchen counter. Wow...thatsa whole lotta carrots.

Not to be easily defeated, this is how I attacked the bag:

2 pounds cut into carrot sticks for snacking (take that expensive baby carrots)
1 pound cut up and prepped with onion (made good use of my labeler!) for Slow Cooker Balsamic Carrots

This next dishes are for next week's menu plan, so I'll prep those next week:
1/2 pound set aside for Carrot Slaw (new recipe - thinking maybe Alton's recipe?)
1 pound for Foil Packet Grilled Carrots
1/2 pound left for topping salads or random recipes where a carrot might be a nice addition.

Not bad for $3, eh? Three side dishes, snacks for a loooong time and still some leftover!

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