Monday, December 19, 2011

Prepping Dinner Ahead

One of the things that comes up when I chat with people (especially moms) about cooking is that they don't have enough time or energy when it comes time to cook dinner.

How I overcome the "witching hour" is to I prep as much of the work ahead of time. Either after breakfast, lunch, or even the night before when I'm still cooking, I decide what we're having for dinner and how much I can prep ahead.

Above is the prep for Orange Chicken: the peppers and onions are cut up,  the chicken is diced and in its marinade, the brown rice is cooked and ready to be re-heated in the microwave, the Orange sauce is done still in it's pot that I made it in and ready to be re-heated on the stove.

So all I have to do is heat up my big skillet, throw in the chicken and veggies, and cook 'em up. Reheat the sauce on Low on a back burner, and throw the rice in the microwave for 2 mintes. Presto...Dinner in less than 10 minutes.

This is a version of mise en place, but what works for me!

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