Friday, May 17, 2013

Freezer Cooking Session: Beef & Pork

I did another mini freezer session this morning. This past week has been great just pulling things from the freezer, so I wanted to continue my slacking off taking it easy for another week!

 I mentioned in the last freezer cooking session that I menu planned for two weeks, so this session was mostly about stocking the freezer a little more and adding some diversity in meat choices. I wanted to take advantage of some sales on meat, but I ended up finding some good deals on marked down meat.

I made:

BBQ Beef Roast - for sandwiches &  Dry Onion Mix Beef Roast - I will throw some frozen baby carrots into the crockpot, too

Megan's Pork Chops &  Ranch Pork Chops
This is the first time I've tried freezing both these recipes, but I'm thinking they will be OK in the crockpot.

The best way to mix up these recipes is to put the sauce ingredients into the bag first, squish it together to mix the sauce, then add the meat.

I also browned up 3 pounds of ground beef and spilt them up into 4 meal portions. It made the portions into less than 3/4 a pound, but most of my recipes are fine with a little less meat in them.

I was planning to throw in some onions and garlic into the ground beef, but I got distracted searing pork chops. Instead, I threw in some onion powder and garlic powder, plus salt and pepper. I use my big stock pot to cook up that much ground beef.

Here are some tips for making freezer cooking easier:

Use a canning funnel with a wide opening to portion food out into zip-top bags easier.

Using a rolling pin to flatten out food in the bags makes it easy to stack them later after they are frozen.

All this work took about an hour, almost an entire episode of Sesame Street. My two year old was very happy to watch Elmo while I busted around the kitchen!