Monday, April 21, 2014

Our Easter food for 2014

Easter was very laid back at our house. My husband got back from a weeklong business trip on Saturday so we were all quite content to hang out at home together. My kids ate more candy than I would have liked, but I guess I only have the person who bought and filled their Easter baskets to

So we feasted on:

Ham in the Slow Cooker, Scalloped Potatoes (this recipe without the ham) and Roasted Asparagus using this method I use for all my roasted veggies.

The ham was very easy to put together in the slow cooker and was the only thing my kids ate. The grownups loved the scalloped potatoes and it's a good thing too, since I have an enormous amount of leftovers. The asparagus rounded the meal out nicely.

Then for dessert after naptime and a long walk around the neighborhood was Coconut Cupcakes:

I made these on Saturday so I had a lot of anticipation for them. I decided to only make a half recipe, which is a good thing because after my oldest son took one bite, he decided he doesn't like coconut anymore. "The cupcakes were good, Mom, I just didn't like the taste of the coconut." He's a good sport, though, and didn't share that until all the rest of us were done inhaling ours. Don't let that deter you, these cupcakes were darn tasty.

Hoping you and yours had a great Easter!